Why I can’t do without my ‘Can’t Dew Without You Anti-aging Night Cream’ Product Review (Skin by Nature, Inc.)


Hey there!  So today’s morning started off slow.  Since, I couldn’t sleep the night before, I slept pretty hard last night and woke up quite groggy.  I am feeling all sorts of imbalanced, ha!  But nothing more coffee can’t fix!

Today I wanted to share with you a little gem that I started using a couple of months back.  I was in search of a good, solid night cream that can help to add some moisture to my skin while I sleep but also help to fight back signs of aging.  Now, physically, I feel like I’m in my 20s, but let’s face it people…I am only getting older and need to take action to keep my skin glowing and feeling good!  I am in my mid-30s now (single tear falls down my cheek), and we all know, taking care of your skin will keep you looking fresh-faced for years to come!


So, in my search for a night-time cream, I came across a company called Skin by Nature, Inc.!   I read through their website and was intrigued by the fact that all the products were made up of 100% all natural ingredients.  I started trying new products that were made naturally in early 2016 after learning that some of the products I had been using for years were full of chemicals, such as carcinogens and hormone disrupters!  I was floored that products were allowed to be on the shelves when they can potentially harm people and even in some cases cause major health issues.  In learning this, I found some great products, yes, but all at a hefty price tag.  And for a lot of us, price point can be the end all for trying to make healthier choices.  Luckily, the prices with this company were all among my happy place.  Skincare that is natural and affordable!  Whaaaaa!?

I had to try it!  Can’t Dew Without You Anti-Aging Night Cream ($7.50), I have used for 2 months now and am so incredibly pleased.  My skin is glowing!  I have pretty dry skin and this stuff really has infused so much more moisture into my skin, it feels plumper and appears more even.  Since using I have gone without any sort of make-up on my face other than my standard concealer and mascara.

This night cream is made with natural oils such as grape seed, avocado, almond, sesame, macadamia, hazelnut and jojoba oils in a aloe vera base with glycerine, all loaded in anti-oxidants.  It claims to soften, tighten and aid in anti-aging and since using, I believe it!  There are different fragrance choices such as lavender, cranberry and cucumber.  I am using the lavender-scented cream and it’s not heavy, it’s a perfectly light scent.  I find lavender to be such a relaxing scent near bedtime.  There is also an unscented version for those that prefer that.

I took some time to see how this cream was going to work for me and I have to say it is the best cream I have found in a long while and at a price that I LOVE!  Just recently I decided to become an affiliate for Skin by Nature, Inc. only because of how well my skin loves the product.  I was not in the market to represent another company but thought, why not?  I love to share great products and I know if you’re looking for a great Night Cream with added benefits, you will not be disappointed.

To learn more of how Skin by Nature, Inc began, see here.

Interested in more products from Skin by Nature, Inc.?  Click here!  More reviews to come!

















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