Why A Workout Can Cure What Ails Me…

I get up, change my clothes, throw on some sneakers, grab my ear buds, head downstairs straight to my treadmill.  I close the doors behind me, get on and press go.  Warmup on 3, up to 5, then up to 6….zone….up to 7…then 6, then 7…up to 8, and so on (treadmill HIIT at it’s finest)…


I just leave it all behind, breathe in and out, leave my mind blank and stare at the wall ahead.  Completely clear.

I bought this machine shortly after my mother passed away in late 2013.  I needed something to help me re-direct my anxiety, my stress, my pain…  I had to avoid letting myself fall into a dark place, I mean I was a mother now, my oldest only being 10 months so I needed to keep it together.  I needed a Saving Grace and that machine was it!

There are some days when things just feel overwhelming.  Some days can be a challenge. Life has obstacles that aren’t always easy, but the thing that always makes my day better is the opportunity to sweat.  A day in which I have had a good workout is always a better day for me overall.  Washing away all the toxic crap, the frustration, the anxiousness just to come away feeling new.  That is amazing.

Everyday is different around here so some days I have to go without a good workout, like yesterday and I could have used it.  Life hits us differently on different days and the ability to free myself of the negative makes for a better me.  A me that feels lighter and stronger.

Redirecting my energy in a physical way is my therapy.  My cure for all that ails me.

Afterwards, I’m free, I’m clear, I’m happy.

Ready to take on the day in the most positive of ways….




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