10 Ways to Avoid SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) Burnout

It may seem easy to some and even somewhat of a vacation if you happen to be in a stressful career but it can be very easy to find yourself in a rut when you are home with the kiddos everyday.  At least for me it gets difficult, you NEVER and I mean NEVER get a day off work.  Morning until night your working and continue on to start all over the next day.  Is it weird that I may be envious of people who work?  Because it seems like it would be a break from all the chaos at home…well, it appears that way in my fantasies.

I have been home since I got pregnant with my first-born, well over three years now and it is still an adjustment at times.  There are times that I wish I could get up, get dressed and drive to work.  I don’t know, maybe have some regular adult conversations with actual adults! Ha!  I mean some days my best conversations consist of potty verbiage, baby talk and deciphering toddler language.  I have even been in a conversation with an adult and have forgotten how to respond with any sort of intelligence…man, that is sad.

Although, some days may be tough, I couldn’t be more grateful that our family is fortunate enough that one of us can stay home.  It does take adjusting and navigating to find a rhythm in the home to make days run smoothly but it is possible.  Here are some tips that I have found keep me out of a SAHM rut and keep mommy happy!

  1. Wake up early! Get up before the kids.  Give yourself some time to unwind, have a cup of coffee, check emails, pray, take in some positive affirmations, whatever.  I take this time to get some work done if possible.  The quiet before the storm is a perfect time for this.  Because after my daughter gets up, it’s go time!  So, give yourself some extra time in the morning, you will be better for it.
  2. Exercise!  Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy soul, healthy mama.   My daughter loves to workout out with me which makes it easier to carve out time for this and makes it tons of fun too.
  3. Get ready!  It is easy when you are at home to just lounge all day in jammies and throw your hair up and believe me I have done this but when you get up and make an effort you feel that much better.  Still be comfortable. I always have leggings on because I’m playing and crawling on the floor most of the time, jeans aren’t always practical for me but if I’m dressed with a slap of mascara on, I feel pretty good!
  4. Turn the television off!  Now, I find if the T.V. is on all day it can be distracting, even if you’re not sitting in front of it.  My daughter will be distracted, I’m distracted. Now, I am aware it can help in a pinch when something needs to get done but I try to keep it at a minimal.
  5. Make a schedule!  I’m not saying an hour by hour sort of schedule, kids are too unpredictable for this.  Some people do it this way but I find this does not work for us.  However, we try to stick with consistency so we have an idea of what’s to come and how the day will play out. Generally, after the kids get up, it’s breakfast, one cartoon, floor time with the baby, workout with mom, playtime (puzzles/reading), floor time with the baby, lunch, playtime (crafts or creative play), generally their dad is home by now, my daughter takes time with him while I work with our youngest some more, than dinner, family time, bath time and bed (I am still working with my oldest on sleeping in her room, so bedtime can vary with this one).  This is basically how the day goes and we try to stick with this timeline for the most part.
  6. Get out of the house!  Now, this below temperature nonsense can make this hard but making play dates or scheduling classes for the little ones is always good.  Everybody gets fresh air and you have the opportunity to be around other moms.
  7. Get a hobby, start a project, or even take a class.  As a mama, we have to take time for ourselves.  You have too.  This blog would fit this tip for me.  I love it and it’s something I enjoy away from raising the kids.  Find something that makes you happy and make time for it.
  8. Enlist the littles to do chores.  My daughter, now 3 loves to help mom with chores.  This is not going to last much longer so I take advantage.  One of her chores is to make sure her little brother’s diaper basket is always full. She folds clothes with me, she has got folding towels and wash rags down pretty good and she puts away the silverware from the dishwasher.  I love that she can help out now, it’s pretty cool!
  9. Go for a walk.  Again, weather depending.  Here in Chicago, this is not always possible in the winter months but as soon as the weather warms up, this is something we like to do.  I am counting the days until warmer weather for sure…
  10. Count your blessings!  If you can stay home, you are lucky.  You get to be with your kids for all of it and that is a HUGE blessing.  It gets hard, but it’s hard for all the mom’s who have to work too.  No one has it easy, we all make sacrifices and you just have to find the beauty in all of them to have a full life. 🙂






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