I Smile

Everyday is always new but everyday you make me smile…

When you run circles around me screaming ‘pider don’t bite my butt crap’ (Yes, you can guess what that means)…I smile

When you run up to me, say ‘Mama’ then turn around and fart on me (yep this happens)…I smile

When you pretend you are a monster and attack me over and over and over and over…I smile

When you attach yourself to my leg and refuse to let go while I’m trying to get things done…I smile

When you say mommy and give me a kiss…I smile

When you show curiosity in your eyes…I smile

When you wrap your arms around me…I smilebaby

When you laugh so hard to your belly hurts…I smile

When you kiss and hug your little brother…I smile

When you look at me with those beautiful blue eyes…I smile

When you tell me ‘I love you mama’…I smile

When you were born…I smiled

The annoying, the lovely, the beautiful and precious moments that make me smile.  To many more moments just like this.




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