Leggings I Love!

Today I wanted to talk about leggings with Endless Xpressions!  As a mom who is constantly playing, running, crawling and sitting on the floor interacting with my kids, leggings are definitely a staple in my wardrobe.  You can dress them up, dress them down, lounge or workout in leggings.  Every woman has a pair!

In this day and age they have become a staple in every woman’s closet and because of that you want leggings that are comfortable, well-made and long-lasting!  I have in the past bought leggings from name brand retailers and they barely last a year without getting a hole, looking washed out or even having lost their shape.

Then you have leggings that are beautiful and comfortable but expensive!  With the amount of use I get out of any pair of leggings, I want a lot of them to withstand and bring diversity to my wardrobe and so I want a price tag that is friendly to my wallet!  There isn’t any day that I feel the same so I want my clothing to reflect that.

I have fallen in love with the leggings from this company!  Honestly, I have never had a pair before this that are as soft and comfortable as these are.  The colors are beautifully vibrant and get this!  Colors DO NOT bleed through!  Now that is awesome!  I have a pair with a significant amount of white in them and nothing shows through!  No need to wear neutral colored undergarments with these so dressing becomes a no brainer.

These leggings are affordable ($14.95 (Regular), $15.95 (Plus), $16.95 (Xtra Plus)), extremely soft and stretchy!  There are tons and tons of styles to choose from!  I am telling you, once you try these, you will be a convert just like me!

I have three pairs of leggings now and love them so much I have more on order!  New styles weekly!


There is a style for every personality!  Here are some REAL women wearing their fave pairs!


Here is how the sizing works!


Find your pair here!



For more information about Endless Xpressions see here!






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