The Cardinal

On that sunny day, the air was calm, the breeze fair.  You came to see me.  You came to see us.  Played with my daughter in the way that you could.  Made sure that we heard you in the way that you could.  You stayed for a while and made sure you were noticed.  Your shape was different but I knew it was you, I felt it was you.  You were the Cardinal.

You were that beautiful shade of red that you always loved.  You sang with those lovely whistles.  Bringing a calm to my heart and making my baby girl smile.  You flew in circles around her causing her to giggle with delight and do her best to catch you.

I knew it was you and will always know it was you.  You came more than once and always stayed awhile.  Flying in arms reach, landing near and looking at us, singing your songs.  I felt so calm with you there, every bit of me filling up with joy.

It was you.  In the shape of something you loved so much.  Something that made you smile so bright.  Two beauties intertwined so effortlessly…it was perfect!  I thought of you yesterday and every other day.  Hoping to see you again, needing you to be there somehow.

Let me hear you sing…

Let me see your scarlet beauty…

Let me chase your wings…

I knew it was you.

It was perfect

When you came to me as the Cardinal….




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