A Threenager’s Triggers

As I was attempting to get my daughter down to sleep last night, she became dissatisfied with my inability to sing the Sophia the First Finger Song correctly.  Mind you, I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  So in my persistence to get the words to her liking, I witnessed a meltdown forming in slow motion before my eyes.  The incredible anguish in her face was the equivalent of a teenager being told that she couldn’t go to her best friends house on Saturday and ‘will miss everything‘ sort of face.  We went from completely playful and happy to a screaming fit of dissatisfaction.


Oh, the emotions of a three-year old.  I truly feel as if I missed a whole section of her childhood and am already dealing with a hormonal, moody, ungrateful teenager.  I can only imagine what the real thing will be like…

But in any regard it is a true fascination of the things that can throw your toddler off the handle.  I mean, it is remarkable that the wrong color of a Popsicle can create a lip quiver.  The real and true way to play Candy Land can send her off running up the stairs in a screaming fit.  The incorrect saying of her dolly’s name can impose a minor anxiety attack.  The idea that she can’t hug and kiss her brother when he’s fast asleep can require alone time to calm the nerves raising within her.  Or, when I happen to pour some water in the wrong sippee cup; the need for her to kneel down and stomp her fists on the chair in despair is a sight to be seen….truly.

Really, though, how can I be so silly to assume that water tastes the same in every cup…’Christina, that’s crazy talk!‘ (I tell myself)

I just need to get it together.  HELLO, green is always better than red.  Minnie Mouse cups trump plain old colors…ANY DAY!  The way you cut your avocado DOES matter and the 45th time of seeing the same movie is ALWAYS the best screening.  Because now, those songs are not only embedded into your brain they have now become a part of you in some strange emotional way…

The threenager is such an amazing creature.  In all her curiosity, and meticulous, and methodical way of thinking.  She really is something of interest.  The ability to go from 0 to 100 in 0.3 seconds is a remarkable site.  She blows my mind daily.  She is like the best of modern-day magicians in making you believe in something other than what is real.

Because let’s face it, I am no longer in my own world.  I now live in hers.

And you know what, that’s okay…

For the most part! 🙂






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