Going From A Mom of 1 to 2 in 10 Words

It has been almost 6 months now since I have become a mother of two.  Now, with a toddler and an infant, life has changed a tad more (to say the least). Everyday is different and still continues to be an adjustment and an adventure all in the same.  20160807_174124

Before my son came I was worried that my daughter would feel jealousy or it would change our bond.  I just didn’t want her to feel bad or that she was lacking time with me.  You know all the fears moms go through when they have a second baby.  That first-born is the epitome of firsts…all those little moments you share with your first born are such an awakening of new discoveries and maybe I thought for a second that I wouldn’t share that same affection for the ‘firsts’ with my second child.

Having two little ones, however, is more wonderful that I could have imagined.  My daughter took to her brother immediately and always offers help with him.  She has made the transition that much easier, which is a blessing.

So I wanted to share some of the emotions I have personally experienced during this transition and those that I have felt on this continued journey…

In 10 words this describes my emotions in becoming a mom of two…

  1. scared – if I can handle this
  2. nervous – that the adjustment would be too great
  3. tearful – emotions run high when a new baby arrives
  4. blessed – to have just not 1, but 2 amazing little humans in my life
  5. exhausted – a toddler and infant will suck the energy from you but it’s okay
  6. busy – the days fly with 2 littles, always something happening
  7. excited – everyday is different…it makes you enthusiastic for whats to come
  8. uncertain – some days you wonder what the heck you are doing and question yourself
  9. anxious – anxiety can come with parenting as most of us know, worry is part of the deal
  10. happy – the biggest part of it is the happiness I feel, the smile they put on my face is everything, nothing like it 

Being a mom is not always easy.  Most of the time it is extremely hard and exhausting.  But this kind of work is the most rewarding.  You see the fruits of your labor on a daily basis in the little changes that kids go through.  Watching them become what it is that they are meant to be…it is a pretty sweet deal.  Having two kids is just as amazing as having one…adjustments aside…worth every bit!




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