10 Reasons To Detox From Social Media


Over the weekend I was feeling a bit anxious and kept thinking about all the things I needed to get done, how I was going to get them done, and of course, which steps I needed to take to accomplish those things.  With that came more anxiety.

It doesn’t help that most of what I do with my direct sales businesses and my blog requires a lot of time online.  Being a mom I am definitely limited to time I have to spend online and have to use time wisely.  Whether it’s early morning, nap time (which almost NEVER happens with my daughter), quiet time, or late night.  I have to move quickly when these opportunities arise to achieve and complete things off of my list.

Sometimes, however, our current world of Social Media and the ease and quick-moving times of today can be overwhelming and even can be draining on my psyche.  You can have so much at your finger tips in seconds, even nano seconds, and the consumption of so much information at such a rapid pace can definitely require a detox.


The weekend is when I took this opportunity to do just that.  Detox.  At least as much as I could.  Here are 10 reasons you may need to do the same:

  1. You feel anxious as soon as you look at your laptop or phone
  2. You feel overwhelmed with notifications
  3. You forget what it is you are there to accomplish and lose time scrolling through meaningless information
  4. You don’t feel inspired…that generally comes from life, so look up for a minute
  5. You feel as if everything that you see is negative
  6. You, yourself, don’t feel positive…this will help to avoid you from posting negativity for others to see
  7. You find your time management has been completely neglected
  8. You are utilizing too many Social Media platforms and find yourself never getting anything done
  9. You are not enjoying it
  10. Your brain feels sucked dry after some time online…then it is time to detox

It really does feel good to step away and give yourself some time to just focus on what is around you.  The people in your life, real activities to occupy your time.  These are where the real memories arise from.  It’s great to have work and hobbies online but it’s great to step away from it when it gets to be too much.  The days fly by so much more quickly now since they did when I was a kid.  Take some time to take the day in, breathe the air, see the moments take place in front of you.  Your phone will be there tomorrow.  😉








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