The Lotion That Got Me


Hey all!  As you all know I work in direct sales!  My main business being EX because it has a huge range of beautiful quality products and is a super fun company with great gals!  But I am also an affiliate for Skin by Nature, Inc. and not for what you might think…

$6.00 (8oz.)

I became an affiliate with Skin by Nature, Inc. strictly for the discount!  Ha! Yes, I said it!  I truly had no intention to join another company.  I am completely happy with EX but I was in search of some natural products and came across this company.

I purchased quite a few things to try, one of which, I previously talked about in Why I can’t do without my ‘Can’t Dew Without You Anti-aging Night Cream’ Product Review (Skin by Nature, Inc.) but I also tried “Grapes n Butter” Lotion.  I was in desperate need for a body lotion.  I had been using a familiar drug store brand (to remain nameless) and was horrified to find out that it was full of carcinogens and hormone disruptors!  I mean this stuff was rated a 9 (10 being the worst) on EWG’s Skin Deep!

I have worked hard on changing products I use to healthier options.  More natural and even organic.  I immediately fell in love with this “Grapes n Butter” Lotion for its consistency.  Generally, when something says lotion it is a lighter version of what I usually use.  Creams seem to hold better for my skin type.  I have very dry skin but this lotion wasn’t so light.  It smelled lovely ( I got the Bamboo scent) and it felt nice on my skin. Silky even.

I saw almost immediate results when using this lotion for even just a couple of days.  My skin felt smoother and my legs looked clearer, meaning, my skin became more even toned.  My skin actually looked quenched and brighter.  It was amazing because I had never truly found a lotion that has locked in moisture, it was always temporary and then I needed to reapply. Or, in truth it could have just been the chemical laden moisturizer I had been using for years that was killing my skin.  Scary to think about that but it definitely could have been the culprit.

“Grapes n Butter” is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.  It is made for dry skin and helps to soothe.  It helps to slow the process of aging, promote healthy collagen, which helps smooth lines and wrinkles and aids in helping to minimize stretch marks from its anti-inflammatory properties.  This stuff really is a skin savior for me. (Shop for your skin type)

So, yes I joined Skin by Nature, Inc. for the discount on these awesome products. I have no shame! 🙂   I have found new staples in this company and am newly amazed when I try something new!  I can feel better about what I’m putting on my skin and don’t have to break my pockets either…win win! 😉

To browse Skin by Nature, Inc. Store click here!

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