What Will Inspire You Today?


Inspiration; the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.


Inspiration surrounds you…

What will inspire you today?

Your faith?

That kiss left on your forehead before he leaves for work?

The sound of birds chirping in the morning?

That first cup of coffee?

That look your child gives you when they first wake up?

That positive affirmation you take in early on?

The smell of fresh air?

That mind clearing run you squeezed in?

The preparation of that delicious new recipe?

The music you can’t help but turn up?

The beauty that encircles you?

The laughter that echoes throughout your home?

The fabric against your skin?

The people that bring you joy?

The love in your heart?

The life that you live?

What will inspire you today?

Take a look around and find it, see it, accept it…

take it in…

something is always there…

be inspired…




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