Hey there!

Welcome to my little blog.  One I have attempted to start in the past and never really made it happen.  Life gets in the way sometimes, things change, people get busy and the idea has just pulled away from me over time.  But here goes!  

I ‘m Christina, a mama on kid number two, both under 4 (an adjustment to say the least).  I am married and stay home with my babies.  I work a DS biz from home, take care of the kiddos, the cleaning, the laundry, the meals…morning, noon, and night (on a good day) and make sure everyone is okay before I can even think about me.  So, here I am, doing this for me.  

I have had an affection for writing since I can remember.  A pen to a paper as a kid was an escape for me, it came naturally and was a comfort in a world that maybe wasn’t so comforting or let’s face it, even made sense.  It is finally time for me to get back to my roots. 

I recently have been searching for more truth in my life and finding reasons to revert back to that first love of mine…writing.  


For whatever reason, we as humans can get overwhelmed in all that life throws at us that we sometimes pull away from the things that our souls need to survive.  We go through life living without ever really knowing and engaging our true selves.  More authenticity, honesty and beauty are in reach and I intend to explore that.

I am seeking a calmer and more peaceful approach to living.  Living simple and with intent is something I strive for.  Every. Single. Day.  


Here is where I share my journey to live with intent, find truth, maintain a healthy mind,   heart and soul, embrace simplicity, achieve wellness, and thrive happily!

Thanks for taking the ride with me!