Weekend Recap


I woke up this morning with an intense pain in my arm as if I had been sleeping in the shape of a pretzel all night.  Any direction I move this thing is painful…wtf.  I got out of bed, started the coffee pot and took a peek out of the window.  Woo hoo, snow is back in Chicago!  Sarcastic emphasis on woo hoo.

Also, while I sit here writing about my affection of this particular morning, my son spits up all over my shirt and so adorably laughs afterwards.  Eh…don’t you just love Monday’s?

The weekend was a chilly one and one I was feeling a bit under the weather for.  Just didn’t feel myself.  Maybe these winter blues are just hitting me as our weather has been a bit bipolar the last couple months.  20170313_082618

With the current chill factor we kept it pretty calm the last couple of days.  I attempted to finish all the laundry in this house which quickly just became another pipe dream…because who am I kiddin…every time I see my daughter she has a different pair of pants on or socks because the girl in her, has already decided that multiple outfit changes are needed throughout the day.  And, the amount of drool coming out of my teething baby is on a whole new level leaving a change to be needed quite often…so laundry is forever an endless cycle.

The largest spider I have seen in a while decided to visit me in the bathroom as I was trying to take a shower.  I have a sad, sad, fear of these creatures and this thing looked like it came right out of a horror movie!  I mean this thing looked like it was pregnant and that it’s babies were pregnant it was so big…much larger than a half-dollar coin…I mean what has happened to the species of these creepy things…since I was a kid they have gotten larger and larger and I sware this thing was following me with its eyes.

Anyways, I definitely go into freeze mode when these creatures decide on a visit and the kicker is…my husband hates them too!  So, this usually causes a battle of who is scared most to decide on the one that has to make this thing GET GONE!  Well…I won!

Now, it can get pretty comical watching this grown man figure out the best way to rid our house of this thing without getting too close.  What would probably take someone a second took my husband close to 20 minutes…ha…first, a nice wrestle head to head with the spider using a broom.  Then, patiently waiting to see if he had met his maker only to be startled by the awakening of it.  I think he may have come back with a vengeance for my husband as I can hear the amount of force that my husband was using that broom, this time around. Finally this thing was brought to its final demise but then we argued for some minutes on the reasoning of picking it up with a paper towel and flushing it down the toilet.  My husband for some reason, thought this idea was crazy and that somehow the carcass would just disappear on its own…

I mean, if I were watching the two of us during this ordeal I would be completely entertained as this did not seem to be an easy feat but the vacuum helped to give this eight-legged freak a final resting place and I am happy to say it is no longer terrorizing my family and I…thank goodness!

‘Just because’ flowers from the hubs


On another note, near our home we have the yearly South Side Irish Parade and some of the neighbors always make a celebration of it…with the cold we decided against taking the kids but we were gifted some yummy treats regardless.  Delicious corned beef, cabbage, corn bread and some divine Bloody Mary’s!  Heyyyy!  I just love the neighbors! 😉

That sure was my weekend in a nut shell…let’s see what the week brings forth!





A Threenager’s Triggers

As I was attempting to get my daughter down to sleep last night, she became dissatisfied with my inability to sing the Sophia the First Finger Song correctly.  Mind you, I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  So in my persistence to get the words to her liking, I witnessed a meltdown forming in slow motion before my eyes.  The incredible anguish in her face was the equivalent of a teenager being told that she couldn’t go to her best friends house on Saturday and ‘will miss everything‘ sort of face.  We went from completely playful and happy to a screaming fit of dissatisfaction.


Oh, the emotions of a three-year old.  I truly feel as if I missed a whole section of her childhood and am already dealing with a hormonal, moody, ungrateful teenager.  I can only imagine what the real thing will be like…

But in any regard it is a true fascination of the things that can throw your toddler off the handle.  I mean, it is remarkable that the wrong color of a Popsicle can create a lip quiver.  The real and true way to play Candy Land can send her off running up the stairs in a screaming fit.  The incorrect saying of her dolly’s name can impose a minor anxiety attack.  The idea that she can’t hug and kiss her brother when he’s fast asleep can require alone time to calm the nerves raising within her.  Or, when I happen to pour some water in the wrong sippee cup; the need for her to kneel down and stomp her fists on the chair in despair is a sight to be seen….truly.

Really, though, how can I be so silly to assume that water tastes the same in every cup…’Christina, that’s crazy talk!‘ (I tell myself)

I just need to get it together.  HELLO, green is always better than red.  Minnie Mouse cups trump plain old colors…ANY DAY!  The way you cut your avocado DOES matter and the 45th time of seeing the same movie is ALWAYS the best screening.  Because now, those songs are not only embedded into your brain they have now become a part of you in some strange emotional way…

The threenager is such an amazing creature.  In all her curiosity, and meticulous, and methodical way of thinking.  She really is something of interest.  The ability to go from 0 to 100 in 0.3 seconds is a remarkable site.  She blows my mind daily.  She is like the best of modern-day magicians in making you believe in something other than what is real.

Because let’s face it, I am no longer in my own world.  I now live in hers.

And you know what, that’s okay…

For the most part! 🙂





Why I love thee…


Why I love thee…

You give my morning meaning when everything seems so foggy

You help me to fight off the drowsiness that consumes me

You give me purpose when the pillow is persuading me otherwise

You warm my body when the air feels cold

You engulf the room with your breathtaking aroma

You enliven the day with your soft jolts of energy

You calm the throat and broaden the mind

You make mornings enjoyable

Your preparation puts a smile to my face

You make waking up an experience of the heart

You are what starts my day with perfection

Oh…coffee…how I love thee…

(A case of the Monday’s 🙂 )