Happy Monday

Another Monday is here and I am feeling extremely motivated for the week ahead.

The weekend was pretty chill for us…playdates, laziness, minimizing all the clothing clutter we all seem to have built and lots of eating ha! Like pizza, street tacos and too much pasta….ughhh…

So, because of all of that food cheating I am looking to make up for that this week with a little rebalance of my diet and some workout dates with a friend. 

I am super excited for some activity outside without the kiddos where I can just focus on me (because we all need that sometimes…right?

On another note my little guy starting crawling! Yayy! So exciting and nerve racking all the same.  Major child proofing is in order as my son is way more of an explorer than my daughter was at this stage.  In a blink of an eye he’s across the room already…but this is where the fun starts! I couldn’t be happier! πŸ˜ƒ

This will call for more fun to be had in the week ahead…so, let’s just get on with it then! πŸ˜„

Have a great week lovelies!

Christina xx

Why I love thee…


Why I love thee…

You give my morning meaning when everything seems so foggy

You help me to fight off the drowsiness that consumes me

You give me purpose when the pillow is persuading me otherwise

You warm my body when the air feels cold

You engulf the room with your breathtaking aroma

You enliven the day with your soft jolts of energy

You calm the throat and broaden the mind

You make mornings enjoyable

Your preparation puts a smile to my face

You make waking up an experience of the heart

You are what starts my day with perfection

Oh…coffee…how I love thee…

(A case of the Monday’s πŸ™‚ )